Can I use FYC every day?

Can I use FYC every day?

Between washes, FYC Refresh & Detangle Spray and FYC Leave In Conditioner should be used daily. 

For daily use:

Spray hair with water so that it is damp.

When hair is damp, spray FYC Refresh & Detangle Spray all over your hair and run fingers through to remove any knots.

Brush through with either a Denman brush or a wide tooth comb.

Rub 10p size (adjust depending on length and thickness of hair) of FYC Leave In Conditioner into your palms and scrunch into the hair.  You may need to apply more to ensure all the hair is covered.

Style as normal.

 Top Tip: Sometimes we find a quick spray of the Refresh & Detangle Spray during the day can help keep the curl pattern.