FYC Bundle

£17.97 Save 25% - Was £23.96

FYC Bundle - The full FYC family with 25% OFF - Includes full-size bottles (250ml) of FYC Shampoo, Conditioner, Refresh & Detangle spray, and Leave in Conditioner

For mixed textured hair, from wavier to tighter curls. Is FYC for you? Read our Curl Guide
Free From: Silicones, Sulfates and Parabens
Vegan and Curly Girl friendly.
Made in the UK in an award winning factory.

What's included

FYC Leave in Conditioner Tame frizz and control curls.
A lotion specifically formulated to moisturise and define curls.Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, and Organic Aloe Vera to hydrate, define and add shine to your curls.

FYC Refresh & Detangle Spray - Revives and combats frizz.
A refresh and detangling spray designed to revitalise, detangle and control frizz. Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Organic Aloe Vera, Argan Oil and Pro Vitamin B5 to prevent tangling and add moisture and shine.

FYC Conditioner - Moisturise and protect.
A deeply nourishing rinse-out conditioner to add moisture, detangle and combat frizz. Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 & Organic Aloe Vera to condition, strengthen and promote hair growth.

FYC Shampoo
A formulation designed to cleanse, nourish and refresh your curls whilst gently treating your scalp. Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Pro Vitamin B5, Argan Oil and Organic Aloe Vera to protect, moisturise and soften.

Customer reviews

Love These Products!

I found FYC via Instagram and saw they were running a great offer for their bundle. I took advantage and ordered, and was so impressed with how fast they arrived. I went into my washday knowing I was going to try the whole line-up and only that. I usually style with curl cream and gel/mousse, but wanted to see how the FYC products worked on their own. I was definitely unsure how my hair would turn out without my usual styling products, but wow was I surprised! The hold and cast I was able to get from these four products was amazing, and the definition and volume were superb too! I think it is important to remember that it takes a few washdays to figure out how much product works for you, as well as experimenting with different styling techniques. I have 2C/3A hair, and I definitely recommend giving these a try. Thanks FYC!

Jacqueline F.-Rugby

Where have you been all my life?!

I’ve battled the frizz all my adult life, colour, chemical treatments & heat exposure have ruined my natural curl & dread to think of the amount of money I’ve wasted on products & treatments over the years.

A friend recommended FYC products & tagged me in on a bundle offer. The

cost was unbelievable (and a fraction of the cost of my ‘normal’ shampoo alone).

The results outstanding. My hair hasn’t

had the wow factor for a long time but the amount of compliments I had after using these products has been surprising.

My curl is transformed, I’m a convert! Gone is a shelf of products.

For your curls does exactly what it says on the bottle!

Siobhan Kiernan-Warner-Lancashire

Amazing results

I am over the moon with this product I had my last perm 25yrs ago and I’ve used these amazing product’s

5***** all the way.

Zoe chamberlain-Staines


I absolutely love these products. My hair has never felt so good. These are definitely my go to products and believe me I’ve tried a lot. Love love love them 💖💖

Haley Convery-Coventry

Where you been all my life 😍

FYC is a life changer for me and my daughter Molly ❤️

We have such curly frizzy hair that over the years ive given up trying to find products that actually work, that was until we were introduced to the amazing bundle from the FYC range 😍

I can honestly say I’ve wore my hair down more in the last month then I ever have in my life , I love how the products feed your hair with goodness , and how soft and bouncy my hair is , and it feels so much thicker , most importantly my curls have never been so defined and I love how my hair is full of ringlet curls . Thanks you FYC

Amy McGill -Middlesex

Magic in bottles!

I love the whole bundle!

The shampoo, lathers like a dream and your hair feels super clean but moisturised. The conditioner does its magic while you wait.

The leave in conditioner is a game changer for me. I use it when I get out of the shower. It makes my hair feel fabulous! I use it most days to revive my curls.

The refresh spray is like nothing else I've tried. I don't know what's in it but a few squirts and my hair looks great again! Less is more with this product though.

I've never had such good hair since I started using these products. They smell great and have made my routine super quick. Definitely 100% recommend them all!

Angela Shaw-Kent


My daughter has been using this for over a month now and her curls are just AMAZING and she will finally wear her hair down!!!

Elle Hughes -Surrey

The Quality Speaks For Itself

I have used these products on my young daughter's hair and have to commend the team behind it. They keep her hair adequately conditioned and moisturised throughout the day with little excess residue. I am looking forward to buying more products from this fantastic company over the coming weeks and months.

Compton McDonald-Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

Not for my natural curls

Always trying curly girl products and these looked great. Arrived quickly and was excited to try. Was not keen on the shampoo but kind of wrote that off as rarely shampoo. Onto the conditioner and was probably the worst have ever used. It literally felt awful and clumped my hair into one big knot. I would never have got a comb through it. Had to remove and use my usual. Was hoping I could return these as quite simply was not honna work for my hair. Spoke to a nice lady in customer services who said refund not possible. So am lumbered with the products so will have to give them away! The products seem to work for some but not one bit for me. Have tried all the other curly brands and have liked them but this was a big waste of £22. Have paid more and less in the past but this was really not for me.

Gill breheny-Bury


I have 3B tight curls and these products are amazing, the smell is quite strong if you use all the products together, but the results are well worth it, can't wait to get more!

Kelsey Oakes-Chorley, lancashire

Highly recommend for all curly hair types

Absolutely in love with this range, I won’t use anything else from now on - great natural ingredients and smells amazing from a local company - both my daughter and myself are complete FYC addicts now

Nicola Campbell-Preston

Amazing product

My 17 year old daughter used these products on her hair she was amazed how well this product took to her hair no dryness, was well conditioned and verbhappy with the results of her curls very defined and bouncy 🙌

Nicola Swarbrick-Preaton

I don’t recommend

It left my hair feeling dry and matted

Tried it on my son, his texture is very different to mine as he is mixed, and it left his hair dry too.

Contacted customer service but no answer.

Leyla k-Birmingham

Prompt & Professional

Pleased to have stumbled on this website. Landed a great discount. Speedy communication from FYC Team. Parcel arrived ever so fast. Look forward to leaving review on actual products as I've purchased all 4.


Great product

This bundle is great, especially considering the price!

Ottilie -Bath

Not for everyone...

To those whom these products work for: I’m glad you’ve found them! I’m just not one of you, sadly. I have natural 2c hair most days, though it varies from 2a to 2c depending on products, condition, humidity etc. like most folk. My defined waves only go full curl after rain.

Onto the bundle. To begin with, my shampoo arrived leaking. After I wiped down all the bottles I first tried the refresh/define spray. It did an okay job. Nothing amazing but it definitely added some definition back so I’ll give it that. Thinking this meant good things, I tried the rest out that night. My hair has never felt so in need of moisture after a conditioner. Carrying through with all the products anyway, I hoped the leave in would work some magic. Big nope there! Once dried my hair looked and felt like it had just had a bad bleaching. Frizzy, dry, no definition, no shine. The next morning it was so nasty and unmanageable I had to hop back in the shower to do a condition with my normal product AND a hair treatment mask.

I commend this company for its goals and ethos, I love the idea, but I’ll definitely be giving my bottles away ASAP. I’m still having to recover my dried out hair 3 days later! If this product is strictly for tighter coil curls then I think it should be marketed as so, don’t you?


Fantastic massively changed my curls in a good way

Lots more body

Louise Bartholomew-Coventry

I have been waiting for FYC since 1970

Love the products well done Bradley love the fresh smell my hair and I thank you

Tracey O'Loughlin-West Midlands