FYC Bundles

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FYC Bundle

FYC Bundle - The full FYC family with 20% OFF - Includes full-size bottles (250ml) of FYC Shampoo, Conditioner, Refresh & Detangle spray, and Leave in Conditioner

£19.17 Save 20% - Was £23.96 Shop Now

FYC Co-Wash Bundle

FYC Co-Wash Bundle - 20% OFF for a limited time. Conditioner, Refresh & Detangle spray and Leave-In Conditioner bundle for super-moisturised curls, when you don't need a clarifying wash-day.

£15.58 Save 20% - Was £19.47 Shop Now

Buy 2 Leave In Conditioners and get a FREE Refresh & Detangle Spray

Save £6.99!! Includes 2 x Leave In Conditioners 1 x Refresh & Detangle Spray

£14.48 Save £6.99!! Shop Now

Leave In Conditioner Bundle

Save £1.50 for a limited time. Includes 2 x 250ml Leave in Conditioner. Tames frizz and controls curls. A lotion specifically formulated to moisturise and define curls.

£14.48 Save £1.50 Was £15.98 Shop Now

Buy 2 Refresh & Detangle Sprays and get a FREE Leave In Conditioner

Save £7.99!! Includes 2 x Refresh & Detangle Spray, 1x Leave In Conditioner

£13.98 Save £7.99! Shop Now

FYC Styling Bundle

FYC Co-Wash Bundle - £2 OFF for a limited time. Includes Leave-In Conditioner and Refresh & Detangle Spray to moisturise, revitalise and define curls between washes.

£12.98 Save £2 - Was £14.98 Shop Now

Refresh & Detangle Bundle

Save £1.50 for a limited time. 2 x 250ml Refresh and Detangle Spray. Revives and combats frizz. A refresh and detangling spray designed to revitalise, detangle and control frizz.

£12.48 Save £1.50 - Was £13.98 Shop Now