About us

About FYC

FYC is For Your Curls. That’s your curls… whatever your age, whether you’re a guy or a girl. FYC promises to condition, detangle and reduce frizz, to give you beautifully nourished, natural curls with great definition.

To create FYC, we spoke to lots of curlies. We needed to know what you want and what you need for your own special curls. We know that existing products can sometimes be too oily or heavy, sometimes too drying, and sometimes not able to tame rogue frizzies. So we wanted to create a product range that all curlies could use. Not too heavy, never drying, and able to cope with curls of all mixed textures.

FYC is uniquely created to work with wavy, open and tight curls, both mixed-race and curly. Product can be layered up, dependent on your texture. For fine hair, use a little, or for thicker hair, use a little more. It’s your hair, your way.

FYC is made in an award-winning factory in Britain, and it’s made from the good stuff! Naturally derived ingredients like shea butter, organic aloe vera and argan oil. And we’re both vegan and Curly Girl Method friendly. Oh, and free from silicones, sulfates and parabens too.

That’s why we’re FYC. Whatever your curls, and not just for girls!

The FYC Ethos

FYC Family


“I’m a mixed-race parent (and grandparent) of mixed-race kids. FYC is for all of us”

You may have seen Brad before. He’s been in the media a fair bit, discussing what it means to be mixed-race in Britain. He wanted to create a product range that represented the community and celebrated every unique curl on their heads. He researched lots and spoke to many, many people, as he needed to find out not only what they wanted, but what their hair needed. The answer was clear - A natural product that did great things to all kinds of curls, whatever the age, and whatever the texture. That’s when he went to see Mike…


“I know about products, and I aim to make the very best products possible”

Mike’s been in the product game for many years. A walk down any High St beauty aisle is like a walk through his back-catalogue – he’s created many of the products that you see (and already buy!), but he’d never tell you which ones. That’s a secret. With FYC, however, Mike’s all in. Along with Brad, he was keen to create a British brand with a real reason to exist. That’s when Rob came on board…


“Before everything else, I’m a Dad of a little girl with a lot of curls”

Rob’s a problem-solving-perfectionist, and has seen first-hand what a ‘problem’ curly hair could be. So many textures, so many differences, so many options. No wonder curlies (or parents-of-curlies!) didn’t know where to start. So along with Brad and Mike, Rob wanted to find a solution. A product range to help curlies live with and love their hair. That’s when FYC was born… and Rob’s little girl loves it all!

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